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360 Videography NYC

It is our goal at 360 Videography NYC to capture those precious memories from all angles. You will never have to worry about angles and where to point the camera. 360° filming allows collection from a full view perspective, the front, back, and on the sides.

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The concept of VR is simple in notion but complex in practice—replicate an environment and enable the viewer to feel immersed in it through visual and/or audio sensory experiences. In its infancy, due to the lack of immersive 360 capture imaging devices, VR was limited to imagined or computer generated environments. These experiences, though novel, were still lacking in the realism required to feel present in the virtual space.

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Virtual Reality videos are immersive video content accessed through the use of virtual reality headsets. Unlike the ordinary videos, virtual reality videos create in illusion of the user being part of the video through the rendition of 3D images. The viewing of such videos is not restricted to computer or television screens and depending on the video or the kind of content being watched, the user can also interact with the video.


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