How do I book this service for my wedding? Please get in touch with us from the cont...


How do I book this service for my wedding?

Please get in touch with us from the contact information on the website to discuss your wedding in detail.

Can I order additional Virtual Reality headsets to give to loved ones as a gift?

Yes, you can order as many headsets as you like, each will contain the virtual reality content. Additional costs will apply to order more headsets.

Can I have additional pre or post wedding day footage captured?

Yes, this can be discussed in the pre-production meeting with you to establish everything you want to capture in virtual reality. Additional costs will apply for footage outside of a typical wedding day duration.

Do I need a photographer if I use VR Weddings?

VR Weddings can work alongside your chosen photographer, or can arrange a highly experienced photographer for you. This may help to cut down on multiple meetings as both professionals will be managed by your VR Weddings client manager.

Can the 360-degree footage be viewed on my phone?

Yes, a 360-degree video link will be provided to allow you to view the footage on any compatible device.

Will this replace the normal videographer to capture the day?

This technology works best to catch static video and photo scenes, preferably of 2-8 min duration, although longer is available. The beauty is you will control what you see, when you want to see it, as if you are there!

Is this service suitable for any wedding?

Yes, we can accommodate any wedding regardless of venue type or wedding style.

Can the service work across other special occasions outside of weddings?

Yes, please enquire for more details.

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